So Puging Cute! All about pugs;)

LAZY, CHUBBY, SNOBBISH but the cutest of ‘em ALL!

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Did you know ?

We are one of the oldest known dog breeds around the world? Since before 400 BC we have been taking peoples’ hearts captive. We have Chinese origins and are considered a part of the Toy group, Some think we are descendants of the Pekingese, while others think we are originated from the miniature bulldog, When we spread out to Japan and Europe our popularity really sky rocketed, in fact we became a royal pet considered the official dog for the House of Orange in Holland


                                                             Our Pug-tastic qualities every pug lover adores:

cefb1c93daf999eec942c385d4dedb00Why are we so popular? Could it be our good looks or unmistakable charm? What is so darn irresistible about us? Ask anyone who has ever known us and they will tell you there is no other dog that compares. But why?

We are different. We possess all the qualities of a big dog in a little dog body. We are big enough to not be annoying and small enough for any size house. Perhaps our motto best describes us. Multum in Parvo – “a lot of dog in a small space.”

We are affectionate. If you want a constant companion, we are  your man. We are happy to follow you around, lending you a helping paw We make great couch potato buddies. We are great bed-warmers. We will cuddle with you on the cold winter nights.

We are fun and they are funny. If given an audience, We are sure to entertain. We are playful but not overly demanding. We are natural born show offs..


We have the grace and elegance sought after by royalty. Indeed, several notable nobles have owned us. Just look at the list of royals we have possessed.

We are friendly. We love everyone, from the mailman to the dog next door. We have never met a stranger. We are excellent all around people dogs and animal dogs.

We are sensitive. We do not like harsh tones. It hurts our feelings

We also are much attuned to your feelings. We can sense your distress     and provide you with a comforting nuzzle.

f2ed4b40185d2a643a2248028a89a931    We are loyal. Unlike people, we do not know dishonor. We will be your friend to the end.


We  love kids. Well, most kids. If you want your kids to have a  perfect playmate, we are ‘pugtively’ the best ❤

 We  are cute. Who can resist our smooshie, squishy faces? Who could resist our snorts and grunts? Aren’t we the most precious little things you have ever seen?

08c7b9ca8e03271f38c6948b8637a33f (1)We are small enough to cuddle on the couch with, and cute enough to cause hysterical laughter ❤

We are little height-wise, but we have thick bodies, a massive head, and a prominent muzzle. So cute in fact, are’ moles and wrinkles are considered beauty marks as opposed to blemishes. We come with either apricot, black, brown, or gray coat colors!


We can be high energy and are good for a lot of laughs, but we don’t tend to overexcite as similarly sized dogs can.

We are notoriously known as good watchdogs, but that doesn’t mean we bark all day. Instead, we pick and choose what we bark about, one of the reasons our watchdog techniques are reliable.

We are so very smart, we thrive with a calm owner that uses consistent training tactics and speaks with a kind voice, offering more praise than punishment.

We are people-pleasers and don’t wish to be yelled at often.

If you don’t show us who is our boss we have a tendency to take on these responsibilities ourselves causing them to display signs of jealousy and over-protective traits, such as guarding over certain furniture with too much intensityee1295afcaa191afc0f2c9539a33bfe336465b70dd4c5f69301b9f0abde0dc27



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