Your Pooch’s Letter to YOU…;)

Hello Dog-Lovers;


I hope all of you are doing great and so are your four-legged companions..

We humans would love it if our best friends could speak, Although their eyes, their open grins with their tongue hanging out, and their tail wags already speak a thousand words ,I would still love to have a conversation with my dog. I would love to know how he feels, why he worries, and what makes him happy.. Does anyone have an idea how to make a canine-to-English translator?


So here’s the remedy to your curiosity

Here’s a letter from your beloved dogs to you

HOLD ON YOUR TEARS,This might just make you cry

Hello Saviour,

880e38643f6700bb9c5e5fb739e38754There are so many things in my life that I love FOOOOD,my biscuits,stuff in the trash can,smelly spots in the backyard,sunny spots on the living room floor,my box full of my toys,your SOCKS(Oh yes !thats my favourite;) ),the middle of your bed,chasing squirrels,long walks,hanging my head out of the car window…

All these things are of course fantastic, but what makes my tail wag more than anything else is you my best friend,my saviour.I feel like the luckiest dog in the world to have you as my person.This is why:I start my day waking up happy and snuggled next to you. I am thankful that you kept me warm and safe through the night, and I hope that I did an adequate job of doing the same for. I can hardly wait to help you wake up with a kiss on your cheek. You always return the love by having a yummy, salty taste on your face and scratching me behind my ears.

e8a38e01980804ff53ee11bf59fb4926My day gets even better when you clip a leash to my collar and we go for that thing you call a w-a-l-k! It makes me  happy that we’re connected by the leash-thing, because then I know other dogs won’t try to take my beloved person away from me. What makes this time with you even better isthat you’ve included all kinds of flying, climbing, and creeping creatures along the way for me to chase and talk to. AND you put a fun, smelly hydrant-thing on our road for me to sniff! You must be the most thoughtful person a dog could have.

After our walk I usually feel a little sad because you get all dressed up in your suit and leave for a while. How I miss you when you are gone. BUT, because you are so kind, you give me toys to chew while you are away (although they’re not nearly as fun without you by my side). While you’re away I spend most of my time lying on your blue jeans next to the picture of you, which you hung on the wall for me to look at.

The absolute best part of my day is when you come home to me. My nose tells me you are near when I pick up the scent of pure bliss (that bliss is even greater if you ate something extra yummy for lunch)! Then you come through the door and I lay my eyes, my paws, and my cold nose on you as I try to jump into your arms and tell you how much I love and missed you

I could go on and on, Best Friend. You fill my days with joy, and I hope that nothing will ever come between you being my person and me being your dog. I am here for you no matter what your life brings, and my love for you is truly unconditional. Know that I would run miles to be with you, risk any danger to protect you, and lick countless tears to comfort you. You are my person, my buddy, and my true love. I want to always be the one who makes you smile.d77edb21924c7d791823aa14481feb37Sometimes, we die young and oh-so-quickly, 077a75f5f87998cc9ce8dd3c64724922sometimes so suddenly it wrenches your heart out of your throat. Sometimes, we age so slowly before your eyes that you may not even seem to know until the very end, when we look at you with grizzled muzzles and cataract clouded eyes. Still, the love is always there, even when we must take that long sleep, to run free in a distant land.I may not be here tomorrow; I may not be here next week. Someday you will shed the water from your eyes  and you will be angry at yourself that you did not have just “one more day” with me.

STOP CRYING as We have NOW, together. So come, sit down here next to me on the floor, and look deep into my eyes and tell me that you love me and that you’ll never ever leave me as I have No one but you,You are my family ,You are my world

.I wear my heart on my wagging tail, and I will always do my utmost to let you know that I love you more than anything (even biscuits)



216ea59743be4cb2de0693af3bc7735cWags & licks

Love Always,Your Dog :*


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