Beat The Heat For Your Pets :This Summer ;)

Hello Everyone and My furry Friends;)


Your furry buddy has to wear a fur coat all year round. Whereas we can sweat to cool ourselves down, our pups sweat only through glands on the nose and paws and try to release heat by panting. “They can’t cool themselves off like humans,” “They can’t roll down the windows of a car or turn on the air conditioning. It’s up to humans to make sure that their dogs are comfortable enough and that they can live healthily in the summer heat.”

The weather has been pretty warm lately (and our furry friends are noticing it, too). It’s probably a good time to be thinking about ways we can help keep our pets cool. Dogs are more susceptible to heat stress than humans as they can’t sweat and often have coats that are not suited to warmer climates ). Dogs with snub-noses are also inclined to overheat and then develop breathing difficulties, which is often compounded by a desire to obsessively fetch that ball until the point of collapse!

We love veggie hot dogs, but real hot dogs – as in overheated canines – are no fun! Neither are hot cats, hot rabbits, or any other hotter-than-comfortable pets. As temperatures soar and humans take shelter inside air conditioned and fan cooled homes, it’s important to remember that pets can experience heatstroke and other dangerous conditions more quickly than humans. Since they can’t tell us how sick or painful they are, it’s up to us humans to be on the lookout for certain symptoms, and keep our pets’ summer heat safety in mind. 880f02c79ea11d83e0e04900d643da8052c6c321891d505db97aee7fa897ee58

Summer Don’t There are several summer hazards pet owners should be aware of. Here are five things you should never do with your dog:

Don’t leave your dog in a parked car Don’t tie your dog up outside in the blazing sun .Our canine pals need an escape during sunny summer months, so if you plan to let your pet outside, make sure that it can find shelter under a tree shade, a porch or other structure. The heat is not only a danger to your dog, but your pet can also become sunburned if it’s a thin-coated or wire-haired breed.

Don’t put sunscreen made for humans on your pooch Chemicals in some sunscreens can be harmful if pets ingest them. What dog won’t try to lick off the gooey white substance if given the option? Pet stores sell sunscreens formulated especially for dogs.

Don’t exercise your pup under the midday sun Chasing sticks or a Frisbee, or even a long walk, can put extra strain on a dog during peak sun times. “The heat of the day can take a toll particularly on dogs who are overweight, older or who have certain diseases,”

Don’t walk your dog on asphalt unless you test the temperature. A dog’s paw pads are susceptible to burns“Slip off your shoes and stand on the pavement with bare feet first,”  “If it’s not comfortable for you, it’s not going to be comfortable for your dog either.”




Here are 10 tips for keeping your pet safe and comfy through this scorching summertime season:

Keep plenty of water available for your pet at all times. Make sure the water is cool and fresh, and keep it in the shade.

• Put out multiple bowls of water on really hot days. Use bowls that can’t be tipped, and place them in a shady and (relatively!) cool spot.

• Older pets are even more susceptible to the heat, so keep a special eye on them. Watch for indications that they are having trouble breathing.

• Dogs tend to enjoy sitting in the sun. But lots of time spent in the sun can cause heat stroke and increase the risk of skin cancers. So be sure to provide a shady area for your dog at all times.

• Help your dog cool off with a kid’s paddling pool. Put just a couple of inches of water in it, and place it in a shady location.

• Add a few cubes of ice to your pets’ water bowls. They’ll enjoy it,and it will help to keep their body temperature down • If your pets can’t be in an air-conditioned area, consider placing a fan where it will blow on them.

• Exercise your pets only in the early morning or late evening. Avoid the hottest part of the day. • Freeze some treats and give them to your pets. It will keep them busy for a while and help cool them down.

• Some longhaired dogs will benefit from a trim. 3301c2af85dae73fc777e33585599b18

Even if you believe your pet has suffered from only a mild case of heat stroke, and you feel you’ve treated it successfully, you should still get your pet to a vet. Heat stroke can potentially cause serious internal problems that may not become obvious for some time, possibly even until days after the event

Summer is the time for lots of fun activities, but it’s also a time of potential danger, for both you and your pets. So take care of yourself, take care of your pets, stay cool – and have fun


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