Things you find yourself doing when you have a dog <3 ;)

 If you’re a lover of wagging tails, puppy kisses and all things dog related, then your life is already quite a bit different from non dog owners. What you maybe didn’t expect when you started to share your life with your furry friend is that you’d find yourself doing some or all of the below:

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1. You know all the dog’s names at the dog park and none of the owners – you instead refer to them in the following way ‘Joey, the golden retriever’s Mum’ or ‘the man with the beard and two Lhasa’s’.

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2. Any cruelty to animals has you either welling up with tears or getting ready to battle. Either way you are an unstoppable force when it comes to the treatment of animals.

3.You cannot understand it if someone doesn’t like your dog, in fact you’re secretly convinced that that there’s probably something seriously wrong with anyone who doesn’t.

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4. You’d break up with someone if they didn’t like your dog and if the dog didn’t like them, it might take a bit longer but you’d soon come around to the dog’s way of thinking and they’d be history.

5.Looking back some of the best moments you’ve ever had are when you’ve braved the dark and cold to take the dog out late at night. When else would you be able to just stand and stare at the stars

6. You don’t care that your four legged friend likes to follow you into the toilet and watches and waits while you go – enough said!

7. You pay more attention to what the dog eats than what you’re eating.

8. You find yourself counting the years, which are sadly too few.

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Too few, but so true…

Im sure all of you having a four legged companion can totally relate :p;)

and of-course you guys have your own set of beautiful experiences why don’t you share your own experiences too ?:p



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