Don’t throw colour on animals -Have a Cruelty-Free Holi :) !!


Pets are a part of your family, understood. You choose to make them a part of your celebrations, understood. But many do not understand the grave effect which the celebrations might have on them.

Most dog owners feel that as long as they use dry colours on their pets, there’s no harm. But the truth is, the presence of lead, which acts as an accumulative poison, makes these colours a high-risk material for pets. Inhalation of colour powder may cause nasal irritation and possibly respiratory allergy or infection.

Pet parents also need to know that most dogs get paranoid when you rub colours on them, since it very often gets into their eyes and nose, making them very uncomfortable.

They also tend to lick their body, and the taste of dry colours makes them prone to throwing up. Some breeds are so sensitive that they gets rashes. We must ensure that during celebrations like these, we keep our dogs safe from the colours. We advice people not to try using kerosene, spirits or any hair oil to clean the colour off their coat. A good light shampoo should suffice. If the dog has been hit in the eye by a water balloon, wash the eye with clean water, and if irritation persists, bring the dog to a vet.It is extremely important to understand that some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to the accidents than others. Puppies, aged dogs and short hair coat dogs are more predisposed to falling victim to these colours than long hair coat breeds. The reason being that sparsely coated regions of body are commonly affected by colours.

The pet owner should keep the pet away from children who tend to throw water balloons at the pet and also avoid taking their dogs at places and at times when they are likely to be the target of such insensitive play. Indulging in variety of sweets is also customary during Holi. Care should be taken as these foods are rich in butter, cream and sugar and does not go down well with canines and can give them an upset stomach.



How does Holi colours affect your Pets Health ?

1- Causes permanent eye damage.

2- Leads to skin damage and allergies.

3 – Can be irritating to ear canal.

4 – Colour water can be harmful if consumed

Colour your pets safe this Holi ,This festival is not for your four-legged friends. Here are some pointers to protect them:

1. Keep the pet safe : Pick up a corner of the house where no one will come and scare the pet. While furious pets can bark and scare you out of fear, there are many pets who would prefer to hide in a corner. To protect your pet during Holi, it is best to tie and keep them in a corner where no one would irritate your pet.

2. Pet should be kept away from kids : Holi is a very exciting festival for kids. They love to throw colours on whatever they see. So, it is important to keep your pet away from small kids. Holi colours are dangerous for your pet and can lead to skin allergies.

3. Avoid feeding sweets : This is one pet care tip to remember during Holi. We all love to offer sweets and celebrate the festival. However, most of the pets are allergic to sweets, sugar and high calorie foods. So, make sure none of your guests or kids offer sweets to your pet.

4. No fried food : Like sweets, fried or high calorie foods do not go well with the digestive system of the pets. Also, foods rich in butter or cream are difficult to digest. It is better to stick to dog food or simple and easy to digest foods like rice.

5. Remove colours : If by any chance someone applied colour on your pet, use a mild shampoo and bathe the pet to remove the colour. Wash the pet eyes if colour has entered inside. If the irritation continues, take the pet to a vet. Follow these pet care tips to make this Holi safe even for your pets.

Follow these tips to keep this joyous festival safe for your pets ;).

Keep your pets happy during Holi and double the celebrations!

I am Against Animal Abuse. Are you..??

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