7 Superfoods for Dogs ;)

Super-foods for dogs

What do you mean?…Well one of the easiest ways to be a good dog owner is to feed your dog fresh and healthy produce. But to be a great dog owner – you need look no further than these super-foods for dogs.

Super-foods for Dogs aren’t just good for your dog, each food has certain properties that helps protect, build and nourish specific elements of your dog’s body.

Whether you’ve got a new pup, a pooch prone to allergies or a senior in her golden years, these 7 fresh dog friendly foods will keep your best friend healthy on the inside and out.

Plus for once you can steal your dog’s food instead of it being the other way aroud 😉



Filled with antioxidants known to boost cognitive function in dogs, blueberries are a scrumptious addition to your pup’s diet.

A great alternative to bite sized processed treats, they can be served on their own, blended with yogurt to make doggie popsicles, or added to biscuit mixes to make a healthy snack.


You put the dog in the coconut*…The ‘good fats’ in coconut mimic the properties of antioxidants and boost vitamin E, promoting tissue health and shiny coats in dogs.

Coconut Oil is a great substitute when cooking at home for dogs. It can be used as a butter/fat substitute when making treats, or as a healthy oil when baking.



Packed with protein, studies have reported quinoa is also associated with preventing heart disease and cancer.

Because it is nutritionally denser than most processed carbohydrates, it makes an excellent rice and grain substitute – brilliant for dogs with allergies. By adding cooked quinoa to a selection of fresh meats and vegetables you have a 100% balanced meal for your pup.



One of the healthiest things you can do for your dog is to add more green and leafy vegetables to their diet. Kale is a number one choice, being rich in iron, calcium and vitamins A, C and K.

Yes, you’ll totally sound pretentious buying kale for your dog, but just lie and say it’s for your green smoothie or whatever. To include it in your dog’s diet you can steam the leaves and add to your dog’s dinner, or brush lightly with oil and bake to create doggie chips (that you may want to steal).


Among the highest vegetables on the nutrition scale, sweet potatoes include Vitamins A, C, Manganese and Iron which are good for a healthy coat and immune system.

Their high level of fibre also aids in healthy digestion. You can slice and bake them to serve as a snack, or add cooked portions to your dog’s dinner.


A tasty source of protein used to build and repair muscle tissue, peanut butter is filled with ‘good
fats’ that support a healthy cardiovascular system.

Just like us you don’t want to go too overboard with the peanut butter as it is high in calories, however on the plus side it’s great smeared inside Kongs and other treat balls keep your pooch busy for hours. How dogs actually get the peanut butter out of the bottom of those things is a mystery that I hope one day they will devote an Indiana Jones movie to.

In the meantime for you it all comes down to Healthy + Fun = Happy Dog.


The poor, poor forgotten carrot. Seriously this guy gets as much air time as Vanilla Ice these days.

Too often when you hear about superfoods, you’ll only see the most exotic and trendy items listed. Yet the humble carrot is a long standing superfood for all pups – packed with beta-carotene which assists with everything from preventing heart disease to healthy eyesight.

They won’t help your dog see in the dark, but freshly chopped carrot sticks will keep your dog’s stomach fuller until mealtime and keep their teeth healthy.

Another trick with carrots is to use carrot shavings to ‘bulk up’ main meals if you’re trying to help your pup lose weight. You can also dance with them to ‘Ice Ice Baby’ if you’re really feeling like giving a bit of old school love.

Does you dog eat any of these superfoods for dogs?What you’re favourite healthy doggie go-to snack? 😉 Mail us and let us know 😉


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