Give your Pooch medicine without a fuss ;)

When it comes to giving medicines to dogs, they are extremely fussy and try every bit to escape. Do not administer any medicine without consulting your veterinarian about the medicine and the dosage for the same. Here’s how you can administer medicines to your dogs.

A lot of people don’t know how to give their dog medicine. It you give a dog a plain pill, they will spit it out. If you try and shove it down their throat, they will struggle and fight… But if you turn it into a tasty treat, they will be really happy to eat it! Pill or Capsules or Tablets

Giving a pill to your dog can be one of the most tedious jobs. Grinding or crushing the pill is not advisable as powdered pills leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth and your pooch will not be very happy about it. Many pills have a protective coating around them that can get destroyed if you grind the pills.

Here’s how you can administer pills or capsules to your pooch:

pilssSlip your thumb into the space behind the canine teeth and open the mouth of the dog.

As the mouth opens, hold the upper jaw. Hold the pill / capsule between your thumb and index finger. Using the middle finger pull the lower jaw so that it is easy to administer the medicine

Insert the pill well into the back of the tongue and push it. Make sure that your dog does not roll it’s tongue else it will be difficult to push the pill.


Once inside, close the dog’s mouth and rub the throat to make sure that your pooch does not spit it out but swallows.
Once the pill goes down, you can give a small treat to your dog. Don’t forget to praise your pooch for his / her good behaviour.

There are some pills that can be given in food. If you pooch has wet food, you can make small balls and insert the pill in the middle of the ball and give it to your pooch.


Syrups are relatively easy to administer as they can be given into the cheek pouch between the molars and the cheek. You can use a dropper or a syringe to administer the syrups.Close the jaws of your pooch and pinch the lips together.Insert the end of the syringe or dropper into the cheek pouch and seal the lips so that the medicine does not come out of the mouth.Tilt the face of your pooch upwards to that the syrup can be swallowed by your dog.If the dosage is high, pause periodically and then administer the syrup. Do not push a syringe / dropper full of syrup into your dog’s mouth as it can cause gagging.Once the syrup goes down, you can give a small treat to your dog. Don’t forget to praise your pooch for his / her good behaviour.

Always check with your veterinary on the right dosage for your pooch and review regularly to ensure that your pooch is getting the right treatment. Keep all medicines away from reach.

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