Its Bath Time ,Doggies ;) !!

For a lot of dogs, there is no dreadful a phrase than “It’s Bath Time” or our very Indian version “Chalo Nahane”. While some embrace bath times as a happy ritual – soaking themselves and enjoying the free massages; there are many who will make every attempt to escape from the “unnecessary” ritual – hiding, trying to hold on to anything just to avoid entering the bath area and what not! The love – hate relationship that dogs have with bath time is epic!

When it comes to your pooch’s bath time, we just wish one thing for you “May the force be with you!”

You wish bath time could be as calm and simple as this


Instead it goes sometimes like this….


Staying away from the water is the utmost priority for some


As is hiding, which could be tough!


Like, seriously, you have got to be kidding me!


Even before the bath the negotiation may continue..


 The first splash may get you the looks…


You are guilty and you know it but it’s finally over!


And just when you thought the ordeal was over…hell breaks loose!


They say that anybody who doesn’t know the taste of soap, has never bathed a dog! Cheers to all our wonderful pooches who bring a smile to our faces and make our lives extra special with their unconditional love! Bath time or not, we love them!


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